About Suncoast Recording

This studio was started in Rochester NY
where I built a custom recording studio
 in the basement of my home. I also had
a large workshop where I built guitars and
It was a well equipped studio with many guitars,
keyboards including Hammond, Leslie and
Roland equipment, Yamaha drums and
Roland electronic drums. My recording
software is Presonus Studio One, and a
Presonus 10 channel interface.
Most of my time ended up in the workshop
 building custom exotic wood Ukuleles,
as well as several electric guitars and basses.

I have since relocated to Bradenton, FL
where I have attempted to get my studio,
somewhat downscaled, back into action.
Unfortunately, in Florida there are no basements!
Space is at a premium, but you do what you can.
I have begun recording again, and hope to be
posting more projects soon.
Check back and see whats new!
Thanks, Jon